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Bail FAQs

What is bail?
Bail is a term used for the property or money that an accused person uses to secure their release from custody before trial. If the accused fails to return to the court for trial the bail can be forfeited and seized by the court.

I have enough cash on hand to pay for my loved one’s bail, why should I get a bail bond?
If you choose to pay for your bail yourself you unnecessarily tie up funds that could be used for other purposes, so getting a bail bond allows you the most access to your finances. Also, if the jailed person is accused of a drug trafficking, you must be able to prove that the money came from non-drug sources.

What is a bail bond?
A bail bond is a contract that enables people to pay a small amount of the bail cost, usually around 10%, to a bail bond agency. The agency then provides the court with the rest of the bail amount and promises that their client will return for trial.

Are there penalties if I “skip” bail?
Yes, if you pay the bail yourself you forfeit whatever money or property you used to secure your freedom. If you use a bail bond service to get out of jail then the bail agency forfeits the money they used and they can use bail recovery agents to track you down and force you to appear before the court in order to not lose their money.

What is a Bail Recovery Agent?
A bail recovery agent is another name for a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters recover fugitives for bail agencies in order to force them to appear before court so that the bail bondsman does not have to lose the money he or she put up for the accused’s bail.

Can I recover the amount of money I use for bail?
Yes, normally. If you are acquitted or convicted you can usually get back what you use for bail.

Can I recover the 10% fee I pay to my bail bondsman?
No. That amount of money is used to pay for the services of the bail bondsman.

Is there a difference between bail bondsmen?
Absolutely. Although many people offer various get-out-of-jail services, it takes years of experience to understand the complexities of the legal system, and you don’t want to trust your freedom to someone who doesn’t know the game.

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